rising or setting sun artwork

New Garden Trellises For 2018: Bonsai, Rising Sun & Bird Swing Metal Art Trellises

Our latest garden trellises are well built, handcrafted and welded. These are built to last. No flimsy plastic or cheap thin metal. We infused our passion for metal art into them and hope you love them. They ship anywhere in the USA. Free shipping on all orders! If you like our new designs please share us on Facebook or Twitter.

Rising Sun Trellis: This is our favorite sun we have designed, a nice artistic design with functionality. Check the listing out here!

Trellis Fence



This is our most popular new trellis, featuring our cute little bird we call Bernie. He loves his swing! Check the listing out here!

Bird on swing trellis











Bonsai Trellis: A very cool scene of bonsai, clouds and sun make this piece of metal art really stand out. Oh yes it also functions as a nice trellis for climbing plants and vines. Check out the listing here!

Metal Garden Art