Supporting Our Veterans: Vietnam Veteran Hitch Cover

We are proud to introduce our latest hitch cover “Vietnam War, I Served” Hitch Cover For Sale Here Built For Vietnam Veterans Chapter 392 In Portland Oregon as part of a fundraising endeavor to support Vietnam Veterans. Specifically, this fundraiser is to give housing to struggling and homeless veterans. This project will provide a roof […]

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New Garden Trellises For 2018: Bonsai, Rising Sun & Bird Swing Metal Art Trellises

rising or setting sun artwork

Our latest garden trellises are well built, handcrafted and welded. These are built to last. No flimsy plastic or cheap thin metal. We infused our passion for metal art into them and hope you love them. They ship anywhere in the USA. Free shipping on all orders! If you like our new designs please share […]

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Livening Up Your Yard Is Easy With These New Garden Wind Spinners For 2018

Wind Spinners For The Lawn And Garden.   New Airplane Garden Spinner: Biplane Spinner with heavy duty construction and easy spinning. Why, we use two bearings for the propeller. This makes for easy spinning and also longevity. Built to last! Made In USA! Check out the details and listing here!       Watch It […]

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A Guide To Using Trellises In The Garden

Steel Metal Garden Arbor Beautiful

A Guide To Using Trellises In The Garden   Choose supports that are sturdy enough for the vines you want to plant. Supports should be made of weatherproof materials (such as galvanized or powder-coated steel, painted or treated wood), especially if you are planting a perennial vine. Also think about whether you want the support […]

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What To Consider When Placing Art In The Garden: Podcast & Ideas

Large Screens

What To Consider When Placing Art In The Garden: Podcast & Ideas Visual Rhythm Axis Views Echoing Shape & Color Match the History of The Land Match Like Things Add Things You Like   Ideas For Garden Art: Garden Art Panels and Privacy Screens Steel Metal Columns & Bollards Humming Bird Wreath Circles Sun Ornament: […]

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Metal Bollards For Lighting Up A Landscape

Steel Led Post

What is a Decorative Bollard There are two ways to make landscape lighting beautiful. First, reveal beauty already present in the landscape. Second, create new beauty through the use of light and shadow. This second way is at the heart of the artistry………….   A Decorative Bollard is an illuminated tower. This tower is constructed […]

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