Privacy Screens, Large Metal Panels, Privacy Fence or Outdoor Privacy


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Large Garden/Yard Panels (maze pattern) | 72×24.5 with ground stakes (height doesn’t include stakes that go into ground) | Rusty or Bare Metal(Let it Rust or Paint)

Looking for something unique to add function and elegance to your home? These large artistic panels not only serve a good purpose of blocking out anything ugly, they also add a unique elegance that every eye will be drawn to. And like you we hate wasting our money on cheap yard decor that doesn’t last. Our reviews speak for themselves, we won’t leave you disappointed. So to get it just right make sure to:

* Measure your area and decide on how many panels you will need

* Decide if you want the Rusted Patina Finish or If you would like to paint them the perfect color yourself by choosing the bare metal option

* Bury your ground mounts & then place panels on top


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