Owl Portable Fire Pit: 8 Piece

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Owl Portable Fire Pit: 8 Piece

Portable fire pits! Made right here in the great Northwest. This model is specially designed for owl and bird lovers out there! Each fire pit can be disassembled for easy transportation and storage and assembles in in seconds with no tools needed. This is great for camping, beach parties, tailgate parties, or in the yard. Built in handles make it easy to carry to your destination. Will fit about anywhere in a vehicle. When taken apart is uses about 1 inch by 15.5 inches to store it. Choose between a 6 piece set and an 8 piece set.

For mild steel these are made from heavy duty 12 gauge steel (almost 1/8 in thick). They come unpainted and you can just let the weather for a nice rust patina or paint them a color of your choice with high temp paint found in most hardware stores.

You can even be more creative with these and use them for other things besides fire pits such as small planter boxes or make a boarder around one of your trees, flowers, etc. Uses are unlimited.
Use in a safe area and keep away from all combustibles. Not for use on flammable patios or decks.

Dimensions and weight:
8 piece set:
Widest point approx. 34 inches and narrowest point 32 inches.
7.75 inches tall and each panel is 15.5 inches long.

This is the perfect item for any night owl.

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