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Bicycle Wind Spinner | Taller, 67″ tall & bicycle 18″x11″ | Sealed and Replaceable bearings

Bare Metal ( Paint or let it rust into a natural patina)

Need an awesome gift for the bicyclist in your life? This bike wind spinner stake sets up in minutes and adds a kinetic liveliness to your garden, giving you a pop that even your neighbors will love.

Making your yard beautiful shouldn’t be hard and like you we hate cheap garden decor that barely makes it through a season. Check Our Reviews, we will never leave you disappointed with your purchase.

So to get it just right make sure to:

* Double check your address, so it arrives when it should(especially when giving as a gift, as one small error can delay delivery)

* Mount the wind blades on in minutes with a screw driver & 3/8 wrench, then stack the stake together and place in ground!

Watch It Spin Here!



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